12 foot nursery pine

At my local nursery here in Las Vegas they are selling Mondell pines pretty cheap and I’m considering buying one. They range from 10-12 feet tall. They’re in 24 inch boxes. Raw, untouched, lower branches and all. I see it as 10inch nebari for $100. IMO, the value is definitely there. I wish I could post the pictures, but they came out terrible.

Here’s my problem, I don’t really have the space… correction, I prefer not to have a huge planter box, nor do I want 12 footer back in my backyard either. I know this is not an appropriate season to root-work, but by the time next spring comes around, the trees will either be gone, or no longer on sale.

Thoughts on root-pruning and/or major branch removal, now, for the sake of getting a cheap tree?

Pinus Eldarica is suited to your area. The normal growth pattern is upright and they have a tendency to break branches. If your plan is create normal pine style this creates a problem.
The second issue is see is the current size and the plan to chop low on a pine that size ( 10 inch nebari)
Third issue is the amount of rootwork planned at this time of year. ( dormant temperatures now in Las Vegas) No time for root recovery!
Without a picture it is impossible to suggest wether this tree is a good candidate for Bonsai even if it survived. I suggest you pass on the opportunity.