9 Month Old Pinus Aristata

Hello everyone, I am new to the Bonsai community and wanted to see if I could get a more experienced eye to do a quick check up on my Pinus Aristata’s progress? Germinated from an Amazon seedling on January 1, 2020 our little guy is almost 9 months old. There have been no problems so far with his growth as far as I know, but I wanted to see if his appearance is on track with his age? We have had him in the original “pot” from the kit, and he has been rotated between two of our windows for me to see which one he appears to do the best in, we are located in Northern California! . Just recently his bottom “leaves” appear to be darkening into brown and bending downward, which I have assumed means he’s entering into a new stage of growth. Look forward to the feedback, thanks ahead of time!

Looks perfectly healthy! As for the location, I’d opt for whichever window offers the most sun. As for watering, I’d try to water when the soil reaches about 60% dry 1/4"-1/2" below the surface. Do note that it will be hard to keep the tree healthy indoors. The tree will do best in full sun growing outdoors.

The tree may continue to grow a bit this summer, but I wouldn’t expect much growth over winter.

If you haven’t started fertilizing, now would be a great time to do so. Most fertilizers will work well if you follow the instructions on the label.

Awesome, thanks so much for the feedback. We have now moved him outside, so maybe we will be able to optimize the rest of his growth this summer before the stall of winter. I’m assuming there is no way of getting a light in order to continue their growth through the winter months? Also going to take a look at what fertilizer we have, any you personally recommend?

Organic fertilizers are a good way to go as they make it easy to avoid fertilizer burn. Since you’re in Northern California, you don’t have to worry about the cold in winter unless it snows or regularly drops below 28 degrees where you live (in which case it would be good to protect the tree in winter).

Also, do note that the soil may dry out faster now that the tree is outdoors so be sure to check the soil regularly until you get used to the new routine.