A few quick? questions in one post

Hi all,

I’ve got a few questions and thought it might be easier doing in one post, as i feel like you might have a quick answer to them. :slight_smile:

Firstly, i’m wondering what the “rules” are to taking off the leaves manually for autumn. Some of my trees haven’t yet shedded their leaves and some did some time ago. i know every tree acts differently, but have also read and seen people putting them into dormancy manually?

Here’s my crab apple and mini zelkova. Can i safely prune the leaves of them at this time?

I saw a Mirai video where ryan shows autumnal colour of his junipers. And thought it was interesting because i have recently been seeing some unhealthy looking foliage on my itoigawa and thought (and hoping) maybe this was that? What do you think?

Lastly i wanted to just share with you my small chinese elm cus without its leaves cus i think its such a nice tree and i’m so happy with it and i can’t wait to put it in a pot (I was gonna upload a little video but i can’t and didn’t take pic of all four sides so this will have to do) Any thoughts of improvement are welcome!

All the best

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