A good JBP seeds source

Hello everyone,
I have asked Jonas this question in a private message and with his approval I am addressing it to everyone.
I asked Jonas where dose he get his seeds from and dose he have a good source for variants like Mikawa or any other good one that he can address me too.
I was trying to contact growers in Japan and had no success so far. I thought I might have done something inappropriate but I was informed by my teacher that it is a very busy time in the year in the Bonsai industry.there are a lot of auctions and prepping trees so this might be the reason for the unavailability.

this was Jonas reply:
"Hi Shay - good question. I don’t have a good source for pine seeds. I’ve bought them from vendors at shows in Japan and from the growers during visits to their nurseries. I’ve also collected them from local landscape trees that have good bark and needle characteristics.

As for seed quality, it can make a difference where the seeds come from, though if you don’t know where exactly the seeds come from it’s hard to know what you’re getting. I too like Mikawa, though I’m also happy with the local seeds I’ve collected.

I don’t know that asking growers is rude, though I know from experience that not everyone has seeds or is set up for selling and shipping them. If you can find a broker for any bonsai related items from Japan it’s worth asking.

I’ll be curious to hear if others have suggestions."

So, dose anyone here have a suggestion? :smile:
Thank you,

Indeed, an excellent question! The majority of my seeds come from my own trees. About 3 years ago, I asked my wife if I could get my last batch of seeds and she said “Yes”. It was 500 mikawa seeds and about 450 that germinated which I used for grafting corkbark onto. And my older ones cone for the last 3 years and the corks are seeding as well. I haven’t bought seeds in awhile and have cones now for the following years. My older ones are from heritage seedlings about 4 years ago and they were 2 years old when I got them.

Hi sely,
Where did you get the 500 Mikawa seeds from?
I tried asking my wife to go to Japan for seeds… She said no. (;

I had bought it on Amazon.com in 2012 and now the price had gone up. It’s really expensive now. My 5 year old ones are from Heritage Seedlings and they are barking up real nice now. And my 4 year old ones are barking as well, which I’d also bought from Amazon.com. Back then the seeds was 40 dollars for 500 and I had bought 100 the year before which has was like 10 dollars. I say try to find someone with a Mikawa that is old enough to cone.

Hi Sely,
Thanks again.
If there is anyone here with mature Mikawa trees and want to sell seeds please let me know.
Ill keep searching for a source in Japan and will update here if I find anything.

What’s your location?
Just asking to see if somebody could reply if they are around your surrounding area.

No one here has ever attempted to grow JBP (as far as I know)

Found MySeeds.co online that sells 100 seeds for $40 but at the bottom of the page is a %15 off button. They are a company out of NY. You click it and it automatically takes %15 off at checkout. According to them, the seeds are collected from trees in the Mikawa district of Japan. I ordered 100 but will obviously take some time before I can tell if they were a good purchase or not. I’ve seen them on Amazom for about $9 for 10 seeds so I think this may be a decent deal.

I’m selling a ton of seeds to get ready for spring sowing. I’m looking for money or material. Thanks for looking.

Heres my list of seeds pm me if interested.

Japanese black pine
Japanese red pine
Jack pine
Scots pine
Austrian pine
Mugo pine
Common olive
Euro hornbeam
Common gardenia
Trident maple
Japanese green maple
Japanese larch
Japanese quince
Chinese firethorn
Japanese red cedar
Japanese honeysuckle
Chinese juniper
Silk mimosa
Black locust.

Thanks again.

If you live in or near a city that has an Arboretum try contacting them now or mid-October and see if they might allow you to visit (with supervision) and remove ripe seeds for trees they have that produce stock for any seeding program they engage in. I have done this and will be making my visit with their horticulturist in about two weeks. Ask how they go about stratification in their facility and get the date as to how long the specific seed should be maintained in cold storage and the date that sowing the seeds should be started. They also might give you tips on potting and soil (sand) use. Ask for a specific number of each seed type as the chances for germination vary greatly. I will be asking if they will allow me to return in early spring to see if they will allow me (with supervision) to obtain cuttings from a long list of trees that I would like to grow via this method.

Hey Mark,
Thanks for the reply. I know this one and might go for it in case there will be no alternative.

Hey Bruce,
We have several botanical gardens here and I have access to one in Jerusalem but there are no mature JBP there…
Thanks for the input.

@shay_cohen, just check them out. I have several jbp that start cones at 5 years old and most of mine are between the ages of seedlings to 25 but had collected seeds from the cones already this year.

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I have had very good success with Japanese Black Pine seeds from Sheffield’s Seed Co., Inc.
website www.sheffields.com email: [email protected]
They are not always available but my most recent purchase was this past spring and the germination rate was high. They were Mikawa strain and the seedlings have developed nicely.


I’ve also heard F.W. Schumacher recommended, though I haven’t tried them myself.

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By the way, my 2 and 3 year old have lots of cones this year! I’ll see how it goes.

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