About miniature bronze display objects

What’s the name of the traditional category of small bronze figures of men in boats, etc that are placed on wood or stone to suggest a sea or lake next to a bonsai or suiseki? Half-moon arched bridges and temples would be in the same category of miniature accessories . . . is there a category name as I think there should probably be?

I’m asking because I’m hoping to commission a non-traditional miniature bronze piece from such a maker in near future, and hoping to find one in the U.S. Thanks, LINDA

The category name for the various things in a tokonoma display is okimono (ornament, thing placed in a tokonoma). Okimono made of bronze, or okimono bronze, is known as jizai okimono.

Thanks to Bobby Curttright, Cascadia Bonsai, for the tip!

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