About the AMA (Ask Me Anything) Thread

On occasion the ask.bonsaitonight forum will host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) thread where members can ask the OP (Original Poster) or Thread’s Host anything they would like. The purpose of this thread is to help generate interesting forum conversation with the opportunity to “pick the brain of the thread’s host.” The thread host is pre-selected by the site moderators.

While the goal of these threads will be to learn and share Bonsai knowledge, not all questions must be Bonsai related. However, please remember to be respectful to all who participate and note the OP can answer questions however they’d like. You can start asking questions as soon as the thread’s host creates the AMA thread. The OP will generally specify an approximate time that he or she will answer questions in the initial thread. Generally the OP will answer questions for approximately one hour. We hope these threads will generate fun and interesting topics, thanks for participating!