About the Bonsai Fundamental Course [tapes]

Recently Bonsai Tonite aired a article about Bonsai Fundament Course. There is a basic and intermediate course. by Michael Hagedorn.

my Questions:
Can any one comment on these two courses?
Are they an excellent instructional tape ?
Would you really recommend them to another Bonsai person ?
What did you like about the course? AND did not like about it?

thank you


My hope is that this forum stays true to the original intent. That of promoting positive discussion in a friendly Bonsai community.
These questions appear to call for a public discussion and passing judgement on one individuals attempt to contribute to the Bonsai community.
Perhaps the question could be formed as follows.
Which Bonsai video learning programs are favoured by the participants in this forum? What are the perceived strengths of the presenter and or the programs content?

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