Accent plants - detail

Hi Jonas
I just looked at your post on accent plants exhibited at the Sacramento Bonsai Club’s 64th Annual Show. They are certainly little works of art in their own right.

I am curious about their role and if there are rules?
Do they tend to be less complex in Japan?
Can they be a distraction as opposed to a compliment?

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Great questions.

Are there rules? That’s up to the show chair. There are both guidelines and conventions, but I have yet to find a good resource for this in print. I’ll have to write more about it. One common example: accents look good when there at least three different plants growing together. Another: accents look best when they are full an lush.

Are they less complex in Japan? Depends on the show. Their use is highly conventionalized in the Kokufu exhibition (many pyrrosia). Many are similar to each other, but they do look good. Other exhibits can feature more creative approaches.

Can they be a distraction? Definitely! I like when they provide contrast and indicate the season or place in which the bonsai grows.

Here are some accents displayed at an exhibit in Texas last year:


Hey @bonsaitonight do you know where i can purchase a pyrrosia? a dwarf or contorted variety
Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t. I’ve seen sites about pyrrosia online but I have yet to find any consistent sources for them. I’d like some of the dwarfs myself!

Is this what you are looking for?



Great selection! Thanks for posting.
Do you know if they all share the wonderfully patterned indumentum?
I’m surprised that Plant Delights would not show the reverse leaf detail.