Adventurous JBP candles

Hey I have another question. I cut back into 1 and two year old needles on a few of my younger JBPs quite early in the growing season as an experiment and to hopefully keep the foliage I aim to use in the future design close to the trunk. I got a mixture of results. some adventures buds shot out and extended far too long, others not as long. I also found I had multiple buds pop at some cut sights and one or two in other sites.

Is tree vigour and timing the two main factors that determine the extension lengths? anything else I may need to think about?

I think I’m going to try and cut back the longer extensions again this season (like i would a maple) to see id I will get shorter nodes, anyone tried this?

Long shoots (cluster)

Longer shoots (just two shoots)

Shorter shoots

Handling growth management is the process of refinement. Picking up the techniques and process for selecting buds to retain, which ones to remove, restraining the growth in some areas and encouraging more growth in other areas. The approach you are taking to learn what works and what does not is important.
If you check the archives on this forum, 2016 there is a number of pertinent articles to your situation. I would suggest the ones on decandling, needle pulling and balancing vigor on JBP.