Advice for Delonix Regia Seedling

(Otto) #1

I recently (1.5 weeks ago) transplanted a Delonix Regia (2 months old) to a new pot after it outgrew its starter one. It was growing inside at first, but a few weeks ago I introduced it outdoors to harden it off for its new home before repotting. A few times, I had to bring it indoors during thunderstorms or when it was too windy.

Since bringing it outdoors, I’ve noticed that its leaves have shied away from the sun - where it usually faces the sun - during the afternoons with direct sunlight much like it would at night. In the morning, with partial shade the leaves behave as normal. 2 days ago, there weren’t any yellow leaves at the base.

What’s going on with my seedling? Is it receiving too much sun after being indoors for a while? Transplant shock? How should I proceed? Thanks in advance!

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Am not familiar with the species so I don’t know if its behavior is normal, but I can see that it looks healthy. Am not at all surprised that the tree is behaving differently now that it has been transplanted and has been moving in and out of doors - an experience that trees don’t get in nature.

As long as the leaves remain green and the tree takes up water I’d expect it’s in good shape.