Advice for Pine tip moth

(carol ebreo) #1

I have several pines mugo scotts and black pine. I live on Cape Cod Zone 6 to 7. What can I use to spray and when? During the summer I have brown tips and now its fall and they are looking good. I lost a beautiful specimen pine Uncle fogy this summer in the ground. Brown tips that killed the whole pine which was about 5 ft. Not sure what time the moths lay their eggs? Carol Ebeo

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

I battle caterpillars nearly year-round where I live, though they’re not as much of a problem during winter.

Some good approaches to managing caterpillars include BT (bacillus thuringiensis) and Spinosad. BT works when ingested by caterpillars - spinosad can work on contact or when ingested depending on the species and life stage of the insect.

The following might have some relevant details: