Advice Needed for Repot


Greeting All,

I’m new to bonsai and this forum as well. I bought a few small pine trees after reading with interest some of the articles on Bonsai Tonight.

As the pine come with a small, paper thin container and it is very loose so I pulled it out and take pics as attached. I need advice on:

  1. do I just pot it to new pot with similar size and top up soil to fill the gaps or,
  2. new port with similar size and do I have to trim off some of the roots, remove old soils and add new soils?

No plan to trim or train it at the moment as main objective is to make sure these plants survive and grow healthily as top priority.

Thanks for your advice in advance.


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

The tree looks good - this coming spring will be a good time to repot (right before the tree starts growing after winter).

I’d loosen up the rootball and cut a few of the longer roots. A slightly larger pot will help the tree develop quickly.

Here’s some info on repotting a slightly more developed pine:


Hi Jonas, noted and thank you for the prompt reply and advice…BR/ben.J


Just one more question, should i water and put it under sunlight as usual after report (with some roots trimmed) or need to avoid strong sunlight?

(Jonas Dupuich) #5

If you’re repotting at the end of winter, yes, the tree can go directly into the sun. If you’re repotting in fall, be sure to protect the tree if there’s hot weather.