Air Layering Larch

I’m wondering if it is possible to air-layer a Japanese Larch ? If so when is the best time to do so.
Any suggestions that would help would be appreciated.

I’d guess it would work, and I’d expect now is a good time to start it, but I have no experience layering larch. If it’s a nice tree you’re working with, I’d want to find some evidence of it working before getting started!

I have never air layered a Japanese larch. When you posed the question, I checked my written resources and conducted an internet search. The best I could find was the comment that it was possible but difficult. No actual accounts of success or photos showing a preferred process!
Based on that I would only attempt it on younger, less valuable material. Also I would choose a slower approach to give the tree more of an opportunity for a successful outcome. Thus I would use the traditional tourniquet method that allows the tree to slowly swell and cut off the cambium rather than ring bark the tree! I would expect the best results to be over a period of two growing seasons if it works!
And out of an abundance of caution I would protect the tree over winter to avoid damage to new roots if any occur during the first growing season.
Just thoughts from previous attempts on difficult material.

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Thank you Gentlemen, I appreciate your input.

Yes it does work and we tried this as a bonsai demo at our local club and the tree rooted well within 10 weeks! We removed a 1inch strip of bark/cambium, with a stanley knife, dusted the upper cut edge with hormone rooting powder then wrapped in damp sphagnum moss and covvered in cling film , followed by an outer cover of black polythene.
Hope it works for you- sorry no photos !


Thanks Alex, I’ll give it a go.