Airlayer? More like bare-layer

I started an Airlayer of a Japanese maple in May and I am not getting the results I want or expected. It started rooting about 30 days in . And in another 30 days I had (see first picture)seems to be on the right track… And I recently checked on it again, and this is how it looks now …
Any ideas why the roots arent stringy? They are lumpy clumpy and hard. Any advice to get these roots to stretch out is appreciated, thanks.
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These are not roots–this is callus.

Ok, well, shoot. What went wrong? Did i grind off to much?

My understanding is callus formation like this is typical when a imperfect job is done. Maybe
timing was off, maybe the air layer medium was too dry or loose, maybe the plant was too weak or not happy in some way but most likely the the peeled section was not scraped clean enough. Often times it is not enough to just peel away the bark you must scrape clean the exposed wood(thouroughly and aggressively) and let it dry out for awhile before bagging or stem-potting.

Roots may form off of the callus. I don’t have extensive JM airlayer experience but I have had callus form and no roots just like this on some of my projects. I rescraped, wounded the callus slightly, and repotted it all again and they grew roots the following season–this was on larch though.

Looks like the layer is off to a good start anyway. Roots typically form from callus. To further stimulate new roots, you can re-cut the callus leaving about half of what’s there. Not sure if you’ll get much root growth this time of year however. I had the same thing on a maple and re-cut in spring:

Looks good, most of the time when I see the callus like that I’ll leave it until next year. But root production/growth occurs mostly in spring and fall.

Ok well at least its not a complete fail.
Should i slap some more rooting hormone on it?