Akadama -- the differences in

I recently bought some Akadama. There is a major difference in color from the older Akadama that I am finishing up with. One is a very light tan color, and very smooth rounded pellet verses the hard angler terra-brown. I do not see where I can add photos.

What I have noticed in using the older akadama it breaks down fast.

Any other thoughts

Thanks Bill

Good question - I don’t know what, if any, significance color and shape have on akadama.

As for uploading photos, see: How to post images or photos to Ask Bonsai Tonight

Akadama is a kind of Japanese clay, dug from the ground and sifted to select size of particals and remove the worst of the dust . It cannot be round and smooth, that sounds like some kind of fired clay man made substrate. This would last almost indefinitely where as true ? Akadama will break down in a yeatr or two especially if subjected to too much water

@Bonsai_Bill - different brands of akadama come in different shapes. Some are hard and irregular, others are rounded, and others are fairly round. I don’t know how the different brands handle the clay to end up with such different shapes, but I’ve seen quite a variety. Don’t know that I have a big preference based on shape, but I do pay attention to the hardness as hardness can vary greatly. Soft and hard can each be used.