Alaskan Yellow Cedar

I thought I would share the progress of this collected tree. The tree was collected in 2014, however took three years to bring around to a healthy state. The first picture is the beginning of styling ( November 2017) with pruning and wiring done. Note the raffia for heavier bends and the unruly typical cedar foliage. The most recent picture ( August 2020) shows basic design complete with the focus on compacting foliage and refining form.


Wow, that’s looking great! Considering how quickly Michael Hagedorn’s has been coming along, I expect the progress to be quick from this point.

Thanks, I missed some opportunities over the past year! There are some very nice yellow cedars being developed in the Pacific Northwest by a number of artists! I am sure Michael’s tree will develop faster and look amazing. He has a unique artistic style!
I believe the species will become a favourite once it is more well known and developed specimens are displayed more frequently for the Bonsai public. Like most native species they require experimenting and adapting techniques for collecting and refining. There was a nice presentation of information in the ABS magazine Volume 53 number 2 (2019) for those interested.

For the curious - here’s Michael’s recent post on the species: