Aleppo or Umbrella pine?

I have a tree in my yard and I have been growing hundreds of seedlings, some are 2 years old and still juvenile so I am not sure which pine it is. The adult needles on the yard tree are about 5 inches long so they don’t seem too long for bonsai.
I have done some cuts and they seem to work fine, pinecones are large as are the seeds.
If any one has knowledge on the difference on the trees I would be happy to hear.

A good approach is to look both up on the internet. Use Wikipedia for both species as the pattern of descriptions are consistent. In this case I assume you are referring to The stone pine as the umbrella pine and not the Japanese umbrella pine which is not a true pine.
The easiest factor to check is the average cone size on the mature tree in your yard comparing that to the values given in the description.
The next easiest would be the bark colour and characteristics.
Average needle length would be another factor.
Have fun!

Thanks, that is what I did when someone on another board said it’s not a JRP which is what I thought because it looked like that as far as bark etc but then they said the seeds and seedlings were too big, then assumed Italian Stone Pine till I found out about Aleppo so will have to look at Aleppo and see if it has more traits, thanks for the help, I do want to know what all these hundreds of seedlings are to help develop them.
The mother tree only have 5" needles so not as long as the 12" that get claimed and I assume the mother tree is 30+ years old.

measure the cones, take a picture of their shape and post the information. Take a picture of the bark and post a picture. This will enable some to give advice.

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