An unexpected event

(Mert Çiftdemir) #1

Nearly 6 weeks ago I’ve purchased a twin trunk cedar from a local nursery. While potting, I broke its pile root incompletely and laid it down as letter “L”. It was doing good for the first 2 weeks, but the needles lost their color and health after 2 weeks. I was thinking as it is dead. A friend adviced me to use a chemical plant stimulant named Racine. I used that thing only once. The result was very interesting after 2 weeks. I don’t know if my tree had any benefit from the chemical. But I’m happy and surprised…

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Looks like it’s recovering - keep doing whatever you’re doing!

(Mert Çiftdemir) #3

Thank you Jonas. I’m only watering it yet. What do you think about fertilizing this guy?

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

I’d wait until the new growth has come out and hardened off before fertilizing - that way you’ll have a good idea that the roots are in good shape.

(Mert Çiftdemir) #5

Wow, that was helpful :wink:


Now I am curious. Whats that Racine. I tried to google it and I couldnt find anything related to planta.

(Mert Çiftdemir) #7

When translated to English from the bottle, it is something like this;
Sodium 5-nitroguaiacolate 1 gr. per liter
Sodium ortho-nitrophenolate 2 gr. per liter
Sodium para-nitrophenolare 3 gr. per liter
Sodium naphthalene acetate 25 gr. per liter

(Les Lonsdale) #8

the 2nd trunk starts too far up the tree to be considered a ‘double trunk’. I had a cryptomeria like that. I had to saw off one of the trunks. I suppose that you could air-layer one if you really wanted to keep and develop the 2nd one.

(Mert Çiftdemir) #9

That’s a strange idea. I’ll think about that. Thanks

(Bruce Williams) #10

I found this web page. I don’t read French and had to rely on Google Translate. Hope it helps.

(Alain Krizic) #11

“Racine” is “Root” in French.

Clicked on the link, and the company is located in Québec, “la Belle Province” :wink:

Don’t have time to expore it further, but they seem to have good products there, although I couldn’t find the composition of the “3 hormones”…

I wonder what these are and whether they’re chemical or organic.

I mean, I don’t hate chemicals as long as they’re used sensibly and in small quantities, just when required, but if they were organic, it would be even better, don’t you think so?..

(Mert Çiftdemir) #12

The liquid I’ve used is another “Racine”. It is not French, neither Canadian. It contains sodium based chemical substances. You can see the ingredients on a post above.

(Alain Krizic) #13

If you say so. :wink:

But still, “racine” is “root” in French.

It’s also the name of a famous 17th-century dramatist:

(Frank Corrigan) #14

I prefer organic as well.

(Mert Çiftdemir) #15

Yes, i know it is French. An also I know that it will keep being French forever. Also I appreciate the famous writer Jean Baptise Racine. The drug I use is a synonym :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: