Another Limber Pine - First styling

(Dan Wiederrecht) #1

Here’s a Limber Pine (Pinus Flexilis) that I recently styled for the first time.

I attempted to keep the wild character of the collected tree while shaping it into what I envisioned. To me, that is what’s special about these collected trees; but they don’t generally fit into all of the “rules” of basic bonsai styling.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.




I love the plant. I would be cool if one could eliminate the discordance of the aligning of the lowest branch and the first right sub-trunk. Maybe killer wire on both the descending branch and also on the sub-trunk to work in some kinks and break this up.

(Dan Wiederrecht) #3

Thanks crust. I didn’t really see that in person, but I do see what you’re talking about in the pic. I’ll have to play with it. There is a lot more movement that you can’t see in 2d, but maybe not enough.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

Another great tree Dan, thanks for sharing. I like the silhouette. The lowest branch catches my attention for some reason, but am not sure why - will have to think on it.

Can you say more about about the branch on the right that starts out right and then curves back toward the trunk?

(Dan Wiederrecht) #5

Thanks again Jonas. The lowest branch does look very straight in a photograph, but there is quite a bit of movement. I may significantly carve down the Jin too.

The curving, first right branch (or sub-trunk, as crust called it), is one that was there when collected. It may be hard to see in the pic, but it cuts sharp back to the right at the top. I left it for now to help fill in that side of the tree. I’m also a bit unsure of my feelings about it. - The branch obviously isn’t conventional, but I also feel that it provides some drama to the tree, especially paired with the first branch on the left.

I’m still undecided. I’ll either go with the “drama” theme, or decide it’s just too awkward. Removal is always an option when the foliage fills in. :slight_smile: