Any American potters in Kokufu..?

It’s been quiet here lately. Let’s get with it! :slight_smile:

I’ve wondered for a while… Do the Japanese ever use American potters?

I think I’ve seen some European presence there. Stone Monkey I believe?

In my opinion there are getting to be a number of potters here that are producing the quality of pots that could show well in Kokufu or one of the other Japanese shows. What do you guys think?

Great question Dan - I know more Americans are showing trees, but I have yet to hear of American pots on display at Kokofu or other Japanese exhibits. I’ll be curious to hear if someone has the answer.

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Good question Dan. While I’m not sure and was not there, my guess is there probably was not. I believe I remember hearing that one of the Americans that showed last year or year before tried using a western pot, but was told he had to swap it out. I think that the Kokufu standards for show pots are so high that only two Japanese makers are used- Shouzan and Gyozan and they must be the handmade versions of these pots. Other than these two makers I believe it’s all Antique pots. I could absolutely be wrong here, would love to see if there are any pics of pots made by Americans in Kokufu or other Japanese shows.

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No Anerican potters have been used in Kokufu to date. No western potters either. Andrew Pearson did show his work at the Gafu Ten Pottery exhibition, and won in the unglazed category.
Jeremiah, this is true. An American wanted to change the container to a Sara Rayner, and was told the tree’s acceptance would be rescinded.
The other part is not true however, many Japanese potters are allowed in the show. Bonsai in containers by Shukuho and Tofukuji, in addition to Gyozan and Syuzan, have won Kokufu Sho.
What’s interesting to note is that the Kokufu judges themselves don’t follow their own guidelines…the American mentioned above was told much the same as what you said: Antique and handmade Japanese only…
Here’s a slide from one of my lectures showing the breakdown from one year:


Great response! Love that everything was counted out. Sorry Dan for writing some incorrect info above. So, I’m wondering out of the 147 Japanese and other, what percentage of those hold accent/companion plants? I also wonder the most popular Japanese makers shown during Kokufu? Thanks for the great info Gastrognome

Shitakusa aren’t photographed for any of the Omono bonsai other than winners. Chuhin and Shohin account for a significant percentage of Japanese containers, and Kichou bonsai account for a significant percentage of newer Chinese containers.
Most popular Japanese potters in non Shohin displays are
Ino Shukuho