Any experience with Southwestern White Pine and Alligator Juniper?

(Alvaro Arciniegas) #1


Recently I collected few SW White Pines and Alligator Junipers. I have not seen any example but the one from Greg Brenden. I am curious to hear if anybody is trying those ones. These trees are abundant in Arizona and NM so I am not sure why there are not more available examples online. I can say that finding nice twisted, with a lot of deadwood examples is not easy so maybe that could be the reason. SW White pines seemed to do well in North Texas so it could be a good option for native White Pines in this hot areas where other white pines have a hard time. I am attaching some pictures.



(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Looks like great material - I’m not familiar with either variety but look forward to seeing how they develop!