Anyone use Tree-Wraps for Trunk Protection from Rabbits, Rats, etc.?

Anyone use Tree-Wraps for Trunk Protection from Rabbits, Rats, etc.?

If, yes, what works best and what are your recommendations?

I see many different types and materials on Amazon - stuff that looks just like weed fabric (but sold as thin strips instead), felt, burlap, paper, plastic, etc., etc.

I want to plant some young/small plants in my front-yard next spring; but I’m always scared the rabbits will just chew them up and kill them (there’s tons of rabbits around here at night).

They already trunk-chopped one of my small azaleas down to the ground/soil when I put it in the front-yard last late-spring/summer (which hasn’t sprouted back after 3-4 months, so it’s probably dead). I really don’t want that to happen again if I put/plant some of my precious JMs, azaleas or other plants in the front-yard.

I have no experience with this - will be curious if anyone has good tips on this.

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I’ve searched for reviews on Amazon… and people def say it prevents rabbits, rats, deer from chewing the bark. But, I wanted to hear any experience with it from people here.

The burlap one def looks the most attractive/natural. But idk if it’s the most effective.

How about wrapping the trunk with a thin sheet of aluminum ( check if HD has it ), like a cylinder to go around the trunk., I’ve seen it in coconut trees back home to prevent critters from running up and down the trunk ( they slide when they reach the cylinder). Maybe you can try wrapping the trunk with aluminum foil ( 2 - 3 wraps ), see if they can chew through it.

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The best product I have found is weeping tile drainage pipe. It is black perforated plastic hose approximately sx inch diameter. I cut off the length required say 18 inches for rabbits. Cut vertically, this allows you to open the coil and wrap around the trunk. If you place the base a bit below the soil line it protects the trunk completely. Because it is perforated it allows some light and air movement to keep the bark healthy and from staying too wet for long periods.

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After a lot of Google research (various nurserymen and ordinary gardeners), seems like burlap is the best choice for rabbit, rat, deer protection. As it is highly breathable and also stretches (doesn’t damage bark/trunk as it grows). It also looks most natural and nicest.

So, I’ll try burlap first. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll use hardware-cloth (short wire-fence-cages) around my young tree trunks and young small shrubs (though, super ugly around front-yard shrubs and foundation plants).

Tubes and plastic will def have the most durability and is toughest against pests. But I also read rats and wasps can get into the space b/n the tube and trunk, and nest and feed there. The hard plastic material also scratches up the bark/trunk as it moves with the wind.

I have read those comments, based on my experience, these have not occurred.
Planted hundreds of trees and shrubs when landscaping the acreage. All smaller diameter trees and shrubs were protected by the weeping tile sections for the first few years. None were damaged by mice, rats, rabbits or wind. Can only speak from my experience. Cannot imagine wind being an issue, the sections are very sturdy and set into the ground.
I would agree that if the user is careless with their application and do not set them into the ground they may move and shift allowing issue to develop. As for wasps they sneak in anywhere, Had to extract a wasp nest from inside my truck mirror casing the other day!
Best of luck in your search.

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Good to hear. I’ll keep that in mind then.
But, for certain things, like 1-2’ tall azaleas with bushy basal growth (or other bushy plants or foundation plants), I don’t think I can use pipe (it’d be hard to install around the bushy’ness). That’s why I was looking into wraps and avoiding wire-cages.
With a wrap, I can finagle it around the skinny trunks of basal/bushy plants.

But, yeah, I can def use pipe around single trunk trees.

I must admit, I have my doubts about wrap for rodents. I would be more inclined to use a paste with deterrent taste such as the pepper ones that have been suggested, or even something as simple as tinfoil crinkled around the basil stem. Of course neither the wrap or taste deterrents will stop rabbits from chewing the foliage higher up. A good guideline for rabbits reaching is close to three feet. This is pretty evident from the deer/rabbit fencing design construction.
I am concerned that you will go to a lot of work to protect the base of your smaller azaleas only to find that without a wire cage they are brunch!
My acreage backs onto forest and parkland full of rabbits! On any given morning or evening I can spot a dozen easily. The only successful deterrent has been rabbit wire up three feet around every garden area, bonsai nursery and shrub or small tree planted. I use the plastic pipe for small rodents and the rabbit wire and deer wire cages for the other critters.
I would be delighted to hear a success story with wrap. that would be so much cheaper and simpler!

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Yeah, I too have my doubts about thin flimsy wraps (obviously, animals can penetrate them easily)… but, I am more confident, after a bit of reading/research.

I am not sure how it works, but I assume (even though it’s thin, soft and easily penetrated) when an animal (rabbit, rat, squirrel, deer) encounters the fluffy/soft/fibrous wrap, it probably assumes that the entire tree/trunk is the same material… so it moves on (as it might prefer to chew on hard, brittle, flaky, tough bark and trunks instead). That’s my guess anyways.

As for critter repellent sprays (with capsaicin/pepper, blood, rotten egg, garlic, aroma oils, etc.), I’ve been using them for a while now, and they seemed to work, until just last spring… all my JMs, 3 satsuki and a large crop of newly rooted satsuki cuttings (6 pots, 15-20 cuttings in each pot) were decimated just 1-2 weeks after I sprayed (I thoroughly heavily spray too - entire plant, trunk, foliage, pots, soil, ground close to pots, walls close to pots, etc.). That signaled to me that I will stop buying/using those sprays, lol. Waste of money and time from that experience.
Sprays aren’t good, imo… because, even if they did actually work, once you stop or forget, then game over.

Yeah… foliage is an issue too. But the tree has a higher survivability chance with just the foliage getting messed with… so I’m trying to remedy the trunk problem first.
I did cover my side gates to the backyard with 3’ tall wire fence though… so no rabbits there… just the front-yard.

Yeah… for shorter shrubs and foundation plants, I may just cut to the chase and use hardware-cloth wire cages. And for taller single trunk trees, wraps and/or pipes as you suggested.