Anything I can do to save this spruce?

This is my first bonsai tree and first time on the forum, so thank you all very much for this resource. I got a Norway Spruce in November, and it was doing pretty well I think up until a couple weeks ago when I started noticing a little browning of the needles. I took this to mean it wasn’t getting enough water so I increased water to daily on hot days. The browning seems to be getting worse, and a lot of leaves are falling as well. I live in Menlo Park (zone 9b). The only thing I’ve ever done is water and fertilizer. Can I save this tree? The first picture is April 25, the others are from today. Any help is much appreciated!


Is it possible this is a spider mites problem?

It looks like the tree dried out during one of the recent heat spells. Spider mites don’t cause the wilting and are less likely to cause localized damage.

At this point, I’d watch the watering carefully - let the tree start to dry out before watering - and I’d keep it out of the afternoon sun.

You may see additional dieback until the tree regains its balance, but if a few branches are healthy, they’ll continue to grow when the tree has recovered.

Thanks, Jonas. Should I cut any branches or inspect/trim the roots? Or should I just wait and see if it recovers before doing anything else?

That’s what I’d do - wait for the tree to level out before making any cuts. You’ll have a good idea of what parts are good when you see new growth on the healthy branches. It’ll look funny, but you don’t risk cutting too much.

Thank you very much!

You guys grow Norway spruce in 9b? ( Didn’t know, I’m surprised.)

Thanks Guys,