Approach grafting japanese black pine

(Hannes) #1

Hallo,I have a JBP that needs branches closer to the trunk.I have no experience in grafting what so ever.What I can find on the internet it looks like approach grafting is the best for a beginner like me.Sow my question is,after preparing the graft position must the bark of the new branch be scraped off until the green or must it just be placed inside the prepared place and be squired and sealed?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Yes - you’ll need to prepare the branch to be grafted. I slice or scrape away just enough bark on each side of the branch to reveal the cambium layer and then make sure it forms a snug fit with the channel. Nichigo Bonsai has a post on this with good details:

With any grafting, it can be useful to practice somewhere on the tree that will not be part of the final design before getting to the grafts that matter.