Approach grafting?

(Justin) #1

hello, i was wondering what time of the year is it okay to approach graft on trident maples and Black pines? well, all trees really.

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

The best time for scion grafting on pines is late winter or early spring. Where winter is mild, December through February - up until the new shoots start moving - can work. Approach grafts can happen at the same time, though fall can also work. I’ve done less approach grafting with pine so I don’t have as good of a sense of how well they’ll do outside of the late winter/early spring window.

Approach grafts on trident maples can happen at the same time - just before the leaves begin to open in later winter or early spring. Approach grafting on tridents can also work during the growing season in May or June (when tridents are commonly defoliated).

(Frank Corrigan) #3

I have had the best success with both approach and scion grafting when timing it just before the growth starts in late winter early spring. In my location Zone 8b that is typically February/March.