Approach Grafting

So attached is my JWP that I’m still going to remove some cuts with a knob cutter and it’s still in process obviously. There is a lot of distance between internodes , I think grafting a smaller JWP , same variety might aide in that. What I was thinking of doing was an approach graft. At the bottom of the trunk I wanted to either graft a branch off a live donor tree or graft the smaller tree at base of trunk to thicken base , improve tape and have a twin trunk wind swept as my design for future. Question is , for this type of graft is there a limit of size of donor plant branches , how would you prevent the graft from swelling , and directionally would it be from the side flowing with direction, or upwards at base from tree to thicken and get that taper for the future.

I guess another question is… I’m going for a windswept literati look to this tree… does the orientation of the branches seem Or should they be swooping downward like the trunk. Or swiping upward kinda showing that resistance to the wind while also building that line towards the top.

Is this a possibility, just drop the roots into same soil as the main tree and graft where Cambrian layers meet along the lower and donor seedling so the trunks fuse ?

If you’re going for a literati style, I’d leave the trunk alone and focus on the branches. As for the branch angle, the traditional approach is for the branches to drop downward as this is what we’d expect from old pines.

Well more so windswept/ literati combination…