Arranging the poolside into an attractive area

(Lydia Whitaker) #1

Hello, folks,
We have a pool in our yard. I am thinking of using the poolside in a better way. The pool deck is basically a 30 ft by 30 ft square with 2 sides next to our house. The other 2 sides have a 4 ft by 30 ft stretch of dirt with a fence on the other side. I am looking for ideas for this area. Since our pool does not have a cage over, every time I mowed the lawn. The pool got really dirty. So I killed the grass. Now it’s just dirt without grasses.
I am thinking of arranging the poolside into an attractive area. Some of the options in front of me are pavers, mulch, and small pebbles. Another better option after the arrangement is to get a pool and landscape design in Vaughan so that I can make a landscape with some bonsai plants. I enjoy working with bonsai and I need bonsai plants that suit the landscape. Some plants can be placed in small wooden stands, others will be pots will be on pavers and there is a long wooden table for some bonsai that will go in there as well. I need the area to be open since it will basically for my bonsais.
I need something on the ground beside the dirt area. I’m not crazy about small rocks or mulch and I’m hoping there might be other options besides pavers. Also, I should avoid weeds. So can anyone can provide ideas for my needs?

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

A number of ground covers can handle foot traffic and do not require mowing. If you’re open to something living, that could be an option. A local nursery will likely have suggestions as to what might work best in your area.