Article of flowering bonsai


can anyone share any post or article about cherry blossoms, peach blossoms?
please jonas can you advice me for this 2 flowering bonsai?
i see ume dont budback, how about this two? and any good fertilizer for flowering bonsai and when to apply it

thank you so much

Cherry can be treated like other flowering or fruiting bonsai. They can be cut back in spring and fall to 2-3 buds. New shoots can be wired.

Cherry doesn’t come up much in Bonsai Today, but there is an article about developing a very young tree in issue 22.

Ume are also treated like typical deciduous trees, but they can be tricky in that they don’t always bud back.

One technique for ume involves removing the first two leaves that appear at the base of new shoots. These are small, somewhat immature leaves near the very base of the branch - not full-size leaves. I’ve tried this approach but not enough to say that I can clearly see improved budding and/or flowering.