Azalea Watering Discussion...!

(Leonardo Alcantara) #1

Hi everyone,

I would to start a discussion about the water that we use for our Azaleas.

Since our Azaleas requires acid soils, i would like to ask if someone had experience watering Azaleas with Ozone filtered water…?

Thanks to all the people who joins to this discussion.

(Frank Corrigan) #2

My understanding of the ozonation of water does not suggest that it would be of any benefit. I understand that the PH of water affects the results of ozanation, but not that ozonation changes the PH. Most of the scientific studies point to the necessity of post filtration to remove harmful substances created by ozanation of water.
What is your understanding?

(Charlie Mosse) #3

Ditto what Frank said. DI water is better than Ozonated water. It still does not help with pH but is better than tap water by far.