Bald Swamp Cypess

How to care for the Swamp Cypress, should a young cutting be grown in water, or kept in mud like conditions as it would be in the Florida everglades ?

Will be curious to hear if anyone has experience with these - I don’t.

Although bald/pond cypress will survive in mud or water, they thrive much better in traditional bonsai soil. I learned that the hard way after many years of trying it both ways.

Les Lonsdale

I have had luck with a mixture of mostly akadama and some organic matter–I add some vermiculite as I believe it helps it retain moisture in the summer heat. For a younger tree I would probably increase the ration of organics (shredded bark works well).
In the heat of the summer you can place the pot in a tray of water. It seems to help keep the tree green and keep root aphids from establishing–which sometimes can be a problem. Just change out the water every few days avoid mosquitoes or algae buildup

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