Bare root care of JPB

Hi there.

I have purchased some JBP and they are happily potted up with pumice, pine bark, and some white pine tree mold to add to the health of the tree (nice free draining mix)

Should I keep bare rooted trees out of direct sunlight for few weeks or should I let the JPB bask in the late winter sun? They are under some poly cover at the moment with plenty of cold air flow to keep them healthy.

Another question I have is, can you wire newly re-potted bare root JPB? Or should I wait a year for them to settle in? (They are about 2 years old and have straight trunks that i reckon need to be curved now!)

Any further advice on bare root purchased JPB would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance


If you have the time it would be helpful if you could post a picture of the tree’s. Also it is very helpful to know your location for proper responses to appropriate working times and application of various techniques.
I would consider potting up bare root tree’s after shipping to be major work and allow the trees to recover for a growing season prior to any other work.