Being cheap, opportunity or epic fails

(Christopher J Parker) #1

Thought I would ask some questions, to see if my being cheap is affecting success.

Here is three things I do:

Use electrical wire. It seem to hold form as well as the expense bonsai wire and I figure the coating is protecting the bark :+1:

Easy to get aggregate. My soil is expanded clay balls, 1/4 granite and perlite. For the trees the like it wet (willows) I’ll add aged bark or coco earth. :sweat:

Yamadori or bursary rejects. Collecting is free(ish), but certainly a lot of work. I also tend to collect in abandoned industrial parks. Having a friend in the bursary biz is nice :grin:

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Aluminum wire is cheaper than copper, but am not sure about aluminum wire vs. electrical wire. If using electrical wire, annealing can make a big difference. Colin Lewis explains how here: