Best Species for full sun in San Jose CA

Like many of you, I am running out of garden space that is partially shaded but have plenty of space that is in full sun. What are some very hearty bonsai species that does well in full Bay Area sun? Thank you!

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Ha, most of us need more sunny space! Most conifers will do well in full sun: junipers, pines, spruce, and redwood are good options. Many hinoki will also do well in full sun on all but the hottest days (of which we’ve had plenty lately). Cryptomeria and sawara cypress are less common conifers that like sun.

Broadleaf evergreens like oaks also do well - in general they like as much sun and heat as possible!

Even some deciduous species will be OK in full sun but maybe not when it gets really hot. I keep younger trident maples and chojubai quince in full sun, but move more refined specimens into shady locations if it gets above 90.

I put my pines, junipers, pomegranates, umes, seiju elm, cotoneaster, pyracantha in full sun.
My other plants are shade - satsuki/kurume azaleas, JMs, chaenomeles.