Black marks on my Trident Maple Forest

(GinaMarie) #1

Hello everyone
I am really new to the forum and to bonsai and any help would be greatly appreciate. I live in Southern California Zone 9 I believe, I just noticed this morning that my trident had these strange black marks on some of the leafs and I have no clue what this is also lately the morning have been overcast and drizzling all morning, I keep it next to my patio wall so it does not get too much and only early morning sun. If anyone could please tell me what this is and what I need to do, my son’s have it to for my birthday and I would hate to have it die since I have always wanted one of these, thank you so much!

(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Good question. The leaf in the third photo looks weak. I wonder if there’s some level of unhappiness in the roots, maybe poor soil or poor water quality, too much fertilizer or soil that stays too wet. Discoloration or spots near the leaf margins often indicate a systemic problem that usually traces back to the roots/soil. This doesn’t look like typical fungus or insect damage.

Most of the foliage looks healthy. How much sun does the tree get?

(GinaMarie) #3

Hi Jonas
Thank you for responding, it only gets about 4 to 5 hours every morning and the soil I am using is 1/2 and 1/2 of Akadama and coarse river sand #3 and calcine clay it’s called Deciduoue Blend. I am so new to this and am current going through chemo that when my son’s gave me this bonsai I have been over the moon reading all I can about bonsai.

(Jonas Dupuich) #4

4-5 hours sun sounds good for the tree, and the soil mix sounds like it could be a good one for the tree where you live.

Was the tree bare-rooted when it was last repotted? Trees can show some problems if there’s some old soil in the mix.

Either way, the main thing is to watch the watering carefully. When the weather is mild it’s good for the soil to start to dry out between waterings. When it warms up the tree will likely benefit from lots of water.

(GinaMarie) #5

I live in souther California but for the last 4 days it’s been drizzling all morning so sun until about 1 or 2 in the afternoon so the sun is behind me by then, should I take it in the garage to get it out of so much water ? Because thinking back on it it does seem like that’s when all this started it was doing so well before and the reason I had to repot it was because when I got it the original pot it came in water broken in so many pieces so I went to a local nursery and this was the only one I could find as a temperory. They did send me a new one so I have 2 for the price of one and I’m not complaining :wink: I just don’t want to loose it. Thank you so MUCH for all your insight because I am at lose and don’t know what to do. Oh the rootball I may have done that wrong because I just put them all in the new pot with the soil it came with… :frowning: should I take them out and wash off all the old soil and put it back in the new soil ? Sorry for all the questions I am really new at this I need to buy me book or two so I can start learning.

(GinaMarie) #6

This is the other one that they sent me to replace the broken one I don’t know if it helps any.

(GinaMarie) #7

I just checked on this and it’s also getting the same spots on it and I had spectated it from the other one.

(Jonas Dupuich) #8

Thanks for the details. I’d leave the tree alone this year and consider repotting when the tree is dormant. Overall the trees look pretty healthy.

As for the watering, a few days of drizzle is no problem. The main thing is to make sure the tree begins to dry out before you water again.

Good luck!

(GinaMarie) #9

You just made my day ! Jonas :grin: thank you so much this has been a sad day because I had to put my little dog of 13 years down and I was worried about loosing the tridents as well so thank you again for giving me a little ray of hope in an already difficult day :rose:

Sincerely Grateful