Black Pine from seed

(Rob) #1

I’m growing a black pine from seed for the first time, so I’m unsure on a few things.
I planted the seeds all together in one pot 6 weeks ago. 6 have begun to grow, most are 1 inch tall and one is 2 inches. The pot is about 4 inches.

I’m just wondering if I should separate them yet. And if not when do I do so? So they are all in there own pots.
Also should I be using fertiliser on them?

Any other advice and tips be really useful!

EDIT: I am located in the South West England, UK. In Bristol. The seedlings are kept indoors, as I own a flat. And are kept under a sunlight facing East, so they get lots of morning sun.

(Frank Corrigan) #2

The seedlings can be separated easily around 8-10 weeks from germination. They will need more space for continued development. They will only remain healthy if moved outdoors. Pines love the sun and need air movement.
Best of luck