Black Pine growth question

(Lance) #1

Hello everyone,

I have two trees that I would like some assistance with. Any advice would be appreciated.

The first tree (first two images) is very strong apically but has weak growth on the lower portion of the trunk. What are some methods of reducing the growth at the top and putting that energy into the lower portion of the trunk?

The second tree here has zero growth on the lower half of the trunk. What direction could someone go with this tree from here? I was thinking a literati style perhaps?

Thanks in advance,


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

The primary means of encouraging the lower part of the tree to grow is to limit growth above by removing needles or branches. If you’re looking to thicken the trunk, apical growth is the best vehicle for fast growth. There’s also still time to bend the lower trunk if need be.

As for the second tree, the three approaches that come to mind are literati, cascade, or crazy-trunk style (just make lots of interesting bends).