Black Pine: shoots in June

Good day to you! I hope all are well!
Please see photos.
It’s the first week of June.
I ask what should I do with the black pine at this time. Remove now the shoots? Or wait for some more time? Thanks!

Thanks for sharing the pics! Does this tree live indoors or outside? The new growth is yellow and somewhat weak so I’d recommend against decandling this year. The old needles look good but the tree isn’t as strong this year as it was last year or two years ago.

Pines like to dry a bit out between waterings - how often are you watering and how dry is the soil when you water?

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Thanks for the vital inputs!
I just received this tree a few days ago. It was outdoors from the person I received it from. I was told not to let it out yet in the next week, since it was shipped to me. It took 6 days to get here.
It’s indoors now. And it is to the sun, south-facing. I have a large windowpane. The windowpane is the same as those business building-type windowpanes.
I shall not remove the candles this year, as you have advised.
I’m suspecting these are this year’s shoots. And looking at the photos I sent and how it turned out, those photos indeed showed yellow shoots. I’ll put niece photos showing that the shoot are more green that the previous photos.
I’ll follow your instructions of not overwatering, staying on the drier side.
Again, thanks so much!
I’d like to hear more from you.
I wish you continued success, Jonas!!!

Present time, 245pm. Spring, June 2020.

I’d move the tree outside right away. If there’s concern about burning the foliage, put it in a shady spot at first and get the tree into more sun incrementally or at least when you have a few relatively cool days. The sooner it’s outside the better.

The yellowing could have happened during shipping - if that’s the case, I’d expect it to green up in a matter of weeks!

And as for watering, make sure to give the tree plenty when you water, but let it start to dry out before watering again. You want the soil to be around 60% dry .5" below the surface.

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