Black pine yamadori, not so happy

(Christopher J Parker) #1

Collected a black pine, as the weather is cooling here. The needles are all yellowing and I’m wondering if I should prune back the worst of it? Or prune the buds the get the energy focused on sustaining vs. growth?

(Jeremiah Lee ) #2

Hi Christopher,

I would recommend not cutting anything, except maybe the needles that are completely brown. The tree is not looking very healthy right now, so you will just want to water it and don’t cut anything for the rest of this year and probably next. Watch for watering, because it likely will not be taking up as much water as a healthy tree. You will want to make sure to keep watering it, but not too much. Good luck!

(Christopher J Parker) #3

Thanks for the advice.

Trying to trust in millions of years of R&D (ie Nature), despite to urge “make it better”.

I have also been misting twice a day to offer more moisture intake? Was also thinking of adding some root hormone to the water to get that regrowing?

(Evgeny Ivanov) #4

Nothing cut is not necessary. Wood has not yet formed the required number of roots for podderschaniya all its needles. Therefore, the very dry needles superfluous for this phase. I recommend content in partial shade. Not in full sun. And to limit watering, before restore the root system! After the transplant, it may take up to 2-3 years of normal growth. You can remove moss from the tree … (translated Googl)