Black spots on Korean hornbeam leaves

Hi all. About two weeks ago I got this Korean Hornbeam to add to my collection. When I got it I noticed some blackening on the leaves but thought it was a missed watering or something like it. I’ve then noticed some black spots on a few of the leaves and a few with a red hue. And most of the leaves are curled with black tips. And then some new foliage which seems healthy. What do you think this is and what should I do about it?

I’m not familiar with these spots, but there aren’t many at this point the the concern is low at this point. Since the tree is new to your garden, I’d watch the spots to see if there are changes and make sure the tree doesn’t stay too wet. I’d also avoid overhead watering.

My guess is that problem stems from an issue in the soil, and you can address that at repotting time next spring.

Thanks for your reply Jonas! I’m glad! I was worried for a bit. The first google search was saying fungus. But we all know self diagnosing can be dangerous before you know your trees got cancer :joy:

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Looks like “black spot” to me and if so it must be taken care of now. Lots of remedies available but my situation has yet to be figured out as my next door neighbor to the south has an infected American elm, since south winds are prevalent I have no idea how to long-term take care of this aside from removing my neighbors tree (not going to happen).

@Mark_Copeland - have you tried using systemic fungicides that list black spot? Systemics, in addition to regular foliar sprays, can be a good way to combat persistant fungal pressure.

I’m currently using a rotation of clearys 3336f/daconil/bio-advanced disease control/spectracide immunox. It has certainly helped but not entirely. The picture above was a internet sample of black spot. Mine aren’t nearly that bad and has gotten better since I started spraying. I’m planning on starting earlier in the year with a regular rotation next spring.