Bonsai books recommendations

Hi all!

I’m looking to get some bonsai books. Ofc I already own the little book of bonsai​:fist: But wanting to expand my book collection and there’s just something nice about looking at pictures in a book rather than a tiny lit screen :joy:

I love shohin and make sized trees and looking for looking and learning material. I especially find it difficult to find learning material on small trees.

I have of course already done some googling but wanted to hear about any suggestions from you guys too!

Hope to hear back from you with some suggestions. Happy weekend everyone :blush:

There’s a new book from Tuttle you might like called The Ultimate Bonsai Handbook. It’s written by a prominent shohin professional in Japan, Yukio Hirose.

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Thanks Jonas! Getting it!

The bonsai world is full of contradictory ideas that people will tell you are gospel according to them.
Pick up Michael Hagedorn’s Bonsai Heresy. It should be helpful in avoiding some of the pitfalls of bonsai.
It’s not about how to create bonsai but more about the processes you need to get your arms around to create bonsai.
And it’s a good read.


thanks for your reply david! I do own Bonsai Heresy aswell! great book :slight_smile: I would love some japanese books, (as the one jonas suggested) If it exist - translated :smile:

I’ll make the comment for anyone else who may read this thread. I did a review on Bonsai Heresy for our club newsletter. I will say again, this is a book I wish I had to read when I started our hobby.
It would have saved the lives of some of my trees!


It’s an old book, Bonsai in Miniature, by Kyuzo Murata, but I think it has good general information. My all time favorite bonsai book is Four Seasons of Bonsai by the same author. Lots if interesting photos of trees as well as kusamono. The translator, Kate McCandless, did a wonderful job with this book. It’s almost poetic. It’s less of a how to book, and more of a dream this book. Always inspiring.

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