Bonsai is now in the Budget!

It’s the new year and budgeting time. I have successfully negotiated that Bonsai be it’s very own category in my family 2020 budget and have secured a solid monthly allowance. This is a celebration so I thought I’d share. No more cover ups or flimsy weak justifications that this tree most certainly is “home improvement”!

I’m pretty new to the craft and have been playing around with some younger material and nursery stock, building skills, concepts and some horticultural nuance. This is the year to maybe splurge on a few more established and older specimens, some thicker trunks, etc.

Happy New Year Bonsai Community!


This is funny. Happy new year to you as well. And congratulations on keeping everything within the budget.:smile:

Sounds like a great approach - congrats! Now the question is how to allot resources. Feel free to ask if you have questions about how to make the most of your budget.

haha! Jonas you can be my coach at the Mammoth sale! :slight_smile:

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