Bonsai on a rock

(Mike Tracy) #1


I have an azalea bonsai planted on a rock. The tree is planted in some mixture of sphagnum moss and who knows what (I belong to SBBK and think I won it at one of our club’s auctions). The problem is that the soil is disappearing. I was considering redoing the soil and I’ve heard that sphagnum moss and clay work well, but I don’t have any clay around here. Any ideas of where i can get clay to bind the moss or some other alternative? Does the red clay work? (seems like it might look nasty.) I found some “French green clay” online. I also found some powered red stuff and a block of clay (I assume used for pottery) online. If I can figure out a good method, I have several other rocks that are begging for trees :slight_smile: (I really need to stay away from those raffles)

P.S. Plug for the our show… SBBK will be having its annual bonsai show this weekend June 2nd and 3rd at the San Mateo Garden Center and Jonas is our presenter this year!!!


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Azalea bonsai are typically grown in 100% kanuma. A top-dressing of “Mountain Moss,” also known as “Yamagoke,” is applied to the surface of the soil to preserve moisture.

(I happen to be low on both of these but am expecting a new shipment in the coming weeks.) Feel free to check in during the show this weekend as I’ll have a few azaleas planted in this soil and treated with this moss.