Bonsai progression in styling

Looking for feedback on these Japanese red pines and this Scots pine , can the needles be plucked on the stock (not the tuft) if my terminology is correct.Also, this pitch pine and black pine pre-bonsai I’ve gotten off eBay cant wait to see how I can progress them.Getting ready for wintering these baby’s and excited for spring re-pot and the next growing season… It’s slim pickings to find good pre-bonsai at a good price online
Styled a lot of new /existing pre-bonsai /bonsai
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yeah, i haven’t really found much on ebay either in regards to pre
bonsai. we need more ocd enthusiasts here in the states.

Yeah the black pine and pitch pine I posted are from a good pre bonsai guy online. They are wired but I’ll probably rewire or at least reposition once I get a chance next season

I’m just getting my nursery going, focus on nebari a couple hundred JBP, 50 JRP and a hundred Italian Stone Pines right now with about 70 jbp rooting so hopefully will be able to start selling in the spring, ready for retirement so this will keep me busy and the trees do well here in the PNW. I know of that one grower in Oregon, I don’t know of any here in Washington.


Well congrats on retiring I have 36 more years to plan that haha , maybe earlier who knows. I was trying to get cuttings to root but no luck yet. What’s a good medium for that? Or the seedlings. Can the supplies be bought at a general nursery /hardware store or would pumice/ akadama etc be better for seedlings /cuttings.

I wish I had 36 more years, that would give me better trees :slight_smile:
I use 60% perlite and 40% spagnum peat, dampen, then use a large pen to make a big hole, fill with sterile play sand, daampen and poke a hole with a skewer to put the cutting in, so a layer of sand over the mix. Seedling mix from a store is too damp.
I have been doing it for 2 years and you learn a lot of things that can’t be taught, like not getting the corners damp enough, when you pull out the roots are dry and dead, just things you learn by doing, humidity isn’t the same everywhere.

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As for the original question, it doesn’t look like there is excess foliage so I’d probably remove very few, if any, needles.

Jonas, Just outta curiousity if a trunk on a seedling snapped , not full break but half way during wiring would it survive given it wasn’t snapped entire way, and sealed up with cut paste, just worried I’ll break a something if I keep trying to make interesting bends . Especially to get those gnarly bends you have on your blog posts.

If the crack goes less than half-way through it will usually be no problem. If it goes more than that, the branch may live, but it’ll have to grow a lot before it has any integrity. And depending on the age of the seedling and time of year, as long as there are needles below the break, the tree may backbud and grow just fine.

For pre bonsai you may want to take a look at
They are outside Charlotte, NC.