Branch dying back on Nishiki black pine

Hi everyone,
My friend experienced 2 main branches dying back from his well established grafted corky bark jpb…
After investigation, it was happening after a repotting. Not with severe root pruning but only in a slight bigger pot. The roots were ok after checking twice.
One of his friend told him that it was ‘common’ for nishiki jpb to have some dye back during their life and it s one of main reason of the unpopularity of this cultivar in Japan…
Is it true?

I tend to lose a branch a year on a young cork bark, whether I repot or not. I, too, have heard that repotting is a common culprit for dieback, but haven’t had the heart to test this to know for sure :slight_smile:

Trauma can easily crack and kill branches too - even subtle bends or bumping against a branch can do it. It might also be that some trees are more sensitive than others.

My theory is that corky bark might be very sensitive to decandling or branch trimming, they might tend to dye back if trimming is too severe…? Maybe because of the nature of the cultivar and its way to build bark etc…?
Wow, to lose one branch a year that s a lot Jonas!

I also heard that Corky bark seiju elm tend to show same symptom…

Corking varieties are typically less vigorous than their non-corking counterparts, though I haven’t seen severe trimming cause dieback any different than it would in non-corking trees.

Fortunately most of the branches I lost were small and received little light - the dieback has had very little effect on the overall styling of the tree.

Have you been to this place yet :

I was in the neighborhood but I don’t know that I visited that nursery. It’s a fun area in which to see pines!

Wow, heard that they are expert in nishiki matsu, notably propagating them by cutting techniques!
I wish we could ask them info regarding the dye back symptom with this cultivar…and how they keep their old stock healthy etc…

Good point - will have to check on that next time I’m in the neighborhood. Would love to hear from others who may be visiting there too!