Bridge grafting?

(Lars Grimm) #1

In the post on azalea shopping there is an example of bridge grafting to close a wound (

Does anyone have any more information or experience with this technique? I have not seen it described in any detail anywhere. I am assuming it is like an approach graft but on both sides of a large chop in order to increase the flow and thus the healing process. How does it get oriented? Does it eventually get removed? Any more details would be greatly appreciated.


(Jonas Dupuich) #2

Good question - I’ll look for articles on the topic.

Essentially, it’s an approach graft in two places that’s removed once the wound has mostly closed.

The orientation is typically whatever makes the most sense for the wound. I tend to see more side-to-side bridge grafts than top to bottom, but that may be a reflection of where the branches were coming from.