Hi everyone!

I’m a new bonsai grower and have a seedling that was growing well in the little pellet thing that the kits come with. After it grew too big I transferred it to a bigger pot. I am not sure if the pot is the problem, I am over watering, or under watering. I try to keep the soil moist so I water every other day or so. Pot has a hole on the bottom and wire mesh to keep soil in. Any help and advice is welcome, thank you so much!!!

Hi, Thomas!

Was the seedling more of a green color at some point - and if so, at what point did it turn yellow? Although it may be the photo, the color doesn’t look great.

The main candidates are over or under watering. Also, it can be hard to keep pines watered appropriately in the soil mix you are using as it retains a lot of water. Ideally the soil around the roots will dry out a bit - not all the way - before watering again.

Could you also tell us if the tree is indoors or outdoors? Pines typically don’t do well inside.

It was very green and was still green when I took the picture a few days ago. It was just the lighting. It has started to turn a little yellow and I think it’s from overwatering. It’s indoors. I was watering more because I thought it wasn’t getting enough water and wasn’t sure what to do. I was watering about 2 times about every day and it’s feeling the effects. My plan is to go to a water every 2-3 days or so. You are right the soil I’m using does retain water. I didn’t notice that until now. When I saw the water drain so easily I got worried it was under watered.

We will see what happens. It was so healthy when I repotted it. It was only about 3 months old. I probably should’ve waited longer but I wasn’t sure and I found this website a little too late. I’m going to see how watering every 2-3 days goes. Hopefully good. Thank you for the help and I’ll let you know what happens.

Sounds good Thomas. Feel free to dig down half an inch with your finger to see if the soil is wet or dry. It if’s moist there, no need to water. If it’s slightly moist, that’s the best time to water, and if it’s bone dry, that’s too dry.

Hello Thomas, how are your seedling going ? I’m curious, would love to know as I’m facing the same situation where I have not repotted the seedling I got yet, but I’m hesitating :slight_smile: thanks for your help!