Buddhist pine almost dead. Need help please


I have this tree for 4-5months now and the leaves show yellow / crispy.

I have repotted the tree in March , this is how the roots looked like :

I havn’t pruned anything of the root ball…

not to healthy i would say …

So i presume something was wrong before the re-potting.

this is how its looking yesterday :


For the moment its being kept outside when warmer then 12degrees. and inside for the night ( 5-6degrees )

I water when i feel the soil is getting dry but i’m sure if i’m doing it correct … I have a moisture meter but i have range 1 to 10 and i don’t know what number i should pick for this tree… I will try to start feeling with the palm if water is needid or not.

Should i leave the yellow leaves on the tree? and wait until they fall off , or pinch them off myself.

When you look at the serveral pictures i have added i would say that there has been improvement regarding the yellowish colour of the leaves.

I’m thinking to put the tree in a bucket with water to see if air bubbles are coming out. For the moment i use a hose.

Should i keep giving this tree fertilizer? People on the internet say to stop doing that when a tree is sick.

I used my nail to scratch the bast and its brown :frowning: > Should i leave this part on the tree or remove it?


I can’t see the yellow in the photo so it’s hard to say. Generally, if the leaves are completely yellow, it’s ok to remove them. The bigger question is what’s making them yellow.

Getting the water right is an important first step. It’s hard to describe how to water. I’d start with Michael Hagedorn’s tips:


and thanks for the reply , i’l try to make a better photo with no flash…

I got a moist meter and its saying 5 out of 10 ( moist )

i’l read the tips.