Bugs in the soil

(Saulo Ricci) #1

Hi Jonas and community,

I was wondering if you guys have any clue about the bugs or larvas that I have found in one of my Pine bonsai soil. I’ve noticed they started appearing since I adopted organic fertilizer - cottonseed meal - and I’m not sure what impact they might cause in the root system of my tree. They are identical with the ones in the pictures I enclosed here. Do you guys have any suggestion of what kinda soil bug I’m dealing with and if they can damage the roots of my bonsai?

Thank you very much,




Earwig. It may chew on leaves.

Ottawa ON

(Saulo Ricci) #3

Hi Elroy,

thank you very much for the response. I will make sure to get rid of them.


(Lance Johnson) #4

I use bio-gold, and little black fruit fly looking guys love it! I tried spraying, yada yada yada… I finally just hung up fly sticks, and Bam… Problem solved

(Frank Corrigan) #5

I have adopted a natural fly and bug solution. He/she hangs out in my garden. Has various places to hide.IMG_0469

However He/She did not stop this one from appearing on one of my maple seedlings! I have no idea what to call it! So i settled for BUG.