Burgundy Lace Maple sapling

I picked up a Burgundy Lace maple and it looks best to me for Landscape use - let it grow.
Anyone see how to use for Bonsai material? My thoughts would be to allow to grow in landscape, then air layer choice branches after time; too long internodes at lower trunk.

Here’s another way of looking at it - the current trunk and height isn’t a great candidate for bonsai, but if you cut most of that away and worked with a shoot that’s lower on the tree (as long as you don’t cut below the graft, if there is one), you might have an easier time with it.

The other option would be to see what bends you can make and try to create a larger tree. This approach would yield the fastest results.

I’ll think about - could cut back to about 8-10in leaving enough nodes, allow shoots to grow and assess; and root upper section cuttings.
Timing: spring after leaf out? or just before buds break (which might better force new truck shoots)?
Don’t think I should cut now - this is dormant and heat stressed.

You could cut when the leaves turn in fall or in early spring right before the tree leafs out.

keep the faith and stay with it for the long haul attached is a pic of Bubba after 35 years.IMG_1609 IMG_1609 IMG_1609

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Nice to see - encouraging for the long haul