Camellia buds popping

am I too late to re-pot this Camellia…buds are popping thanks to the warm weather Thanks

Should be fine to repot. I wouldn’t do an extensive repot, but a more standard repot should be fine.

Jonas…thanks for the reply…will try to get it done today before the rain comes in…this was a landscape plant that had to be moved out of its spot and had very few fine roots and i planted it in coarse bonsai soil so hopefully will handle some pruning and repot well…may NOT have a compact root ball…Thanks

Cool - let us know how it goes, will be interesting if it has much of a rootball yet.

The rootball was not exciting …but had some decent growth…still had some old clay stuck in bottom…but gently cleaned it a little and repotted in coarse mix…i did shorten some long branches to keep working on more compact foliage.


Will be fun to see how it does! It looks like there’s some discoloration under the leaves - any ideas what it is?

This camellia and the one remaining in the landscape have both suffered from fungal issues…this one now much healthier since it has been “out of the clay”…other one still suffers a bit…the very dense clay makes t very tough on the plants living in it and very tough on the guy digging it up!..fortunately had a young man - helping with drain system / sump pump hence the plant in pot- with strong arms and back that dug out this one…not sure if i can convince him to come back for #2! will try a little anti fungal spray and see if it helps.Thanks…

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